22 thoughts on “Miercurea fără cuvinte(8)

  1. I have always looked at life as a full circle. At least if you are not saved and know Jesus. Now if you know Jesus then after the picture of the grave we are resurrected and live eternally with Jesus in heaven. As always your post cause me to think about life. Thank you for sharing and I hope you did not mind my sharing my belief here on your blog.

    Much love to you in Christ Lavinia

    • I don’t mind. The ideea of my blog is to share thoughts and feelings, so everyone is free to say his opinion. Anyway, I belive in Jesus and eternally life in heaven. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog, it is true, life is not over when we phisically die.
      Joy and peace!

  2. “Şi de aş avea darul proorociei şi tainele toate le-aş cunoaşte şi orice ştiinţă, şi de aş avea atâta credinţă încât să mut şi munţii, iar dragoste nu am, nimic nu sunt.
    Şi de aş împărţi toată avuţia mea şi de aş da trupul meu ca să fie ars, iar dragoste nu am, nimic nu-mi foloseşte…” 🙂

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