Printre ganduri

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to tell people how much I love them. I hide, from a bad shame or from timidity or from a bad understood pride, or because all of this reasons, my painful necessity of them, my gratitude for all they gave me, the regrets for everything I didn’t give them. There is my true wild. The worst… The saddest…

Love him because he is the only one who accepts you when nobody else did it.
Love him because he decided be yours when you didn’t deserve nothing.
He was there every time when you were nervous, sad, happy, lonely, solitary.
He loved you from the beginning, with out conditions and expectations.
He didn’t ask nothing and didn’t prohibit you nothing because he was capable to love you just because you are alive and you have chosen him.
So, don’t be surprise if you’ll search him always.

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