Unde ramane pacea?

Ne plangem mereu… Sa ai dulapul plin cu haine, dar nu ai cu ce te imbraca, adica e de inteles, cum sa porti aceeasi tinuta de doua ori. Ne plangem ca nu avem suficienti bani, ca ne-am ingrasat, ca suntem prea slabi,ca nu am mers in calatoria mult asteptata, ca persoana de care ne place nici nu ne baga in seama.

Si cu pacea cum ramane? Oare nu tocmai de asta alaturi de credinta si sanatate, avem mai mare nevoie? Pace in aceasta lume si pace in sufletele noastre! In acest prezent in care razboaiele, atentatele, accidentele si crimele sunt tot mai multe si mai dese, cred ca pacea ne lipseste mai mult… Si din pacate, atata timp cat noi insine nu incercam sa fim mai buni cu fiecare zi care trece, nu se va schimba nimic… Pentru ca orice am face, are o reflexie mai mica sau mai mare, directa sau indirecta pentru tot ceea ce e in jurul nostru… Nu putem astepta ca totul sa fie pace si bucurie, atat timp cat noi facem nimic pentru asta… Iar orice schimbare durabila se face cu pasi mici, dar siguri…

Sa stam asteptand ca totul sa vina de la ceilalti nu e o solutie, nu a fost niciodata si nici nu va fi vreodata… Sa facem macar ce tine de noi, sa incercam sa devenim oameni de calitate care sa caute si bunastarea celorlati, nu doar a propriei persoane…

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We always complain… We have a full of clothes closed, but we have nothing to wear, that is understandable, how to wear the same outfit twice? We complain that we do not have enough money,that we have got some extra kilos, that we did not go to the long awaited journey, that the person that we are saying we are in love with does not even care about us.

And what about peace? Is not exactly this next to faith and health, what we need the most? Peace in this world and peace in our souls! In this present in what the wars, terrorist attacks, accidents and crimes are becoming more and more frequent, I think we need peace more than ever … And unfortunately, as long as we ourselves are not trying to be better every day, will not change anything … because whatever we do has a reflection smaller or larger, directly or indirectly to all that is around us … we can not expect everything to be peace and joy as long as we do not do anything about it … And any sustainable change is made in small, but sure steps …

To wait for everything to come from others is not a solution, it has never been nor will ever be … So, we should start to do what we can, try to become quality people and think about welfare of others, not only of ourselfs …

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